NFAA Membership: EFFECTIVE 6/01/15

Fee: $45.00 ( add a family member - $5.00 ).


  1. Subscription to the NFAA bimonthly Archery Magazine.

  2. May register for any NFAA tournament throughout the USA.

  3. Eligible for head and 20 pins, both field and hunter rounds.

  4. Eligible for perfect field and hunter pins.

  5. Eligible for State and Club Championship patches.

  6. Eligible for perfect animal round awards.

  7. Eligible for Robin Hood Awards.

  8. Eligible for Art Young small and big game bowhunting awards.

  9. Eligible for continuous NFAA membership pins -10 years and up.

  10. Eligible for head pin and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place tournament arrow awards.

  11. Eligible for perfect 300 indoor round patches.

  12. Eligible for 500 patches.

For membership please visit 

SFAA - ONLY Membership:

Fee: $10.00 (add a family member $2.00 )

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