The New Jersey State Field Archery Association is dedicated to fostering, teaching, and perpetuating the practice of Field Archery; encourage and educate the safe and ethical use of bow hunting and to protect, improve, and increase the privileges of all archers, whether bow hunters or recreational and competitive target and 3D shooters.

Archery is a family sport for both youths and adults, male and female. Throughout the year NJSFAA activities include indoor target, outdoor field, and 3D shooting. Experienced as well as novice shooters are always welcome to come out and fling some arrows. For the competitor, State Championships are held during each calendar year to determine the top archers in the state; age categories and awards from cubs through seniors are recognized.

Casual shoots are held on a weekly basis to provide members with the opportunity to sharpen their skills. Several clubs also hold clinics for beginning archers and can provide instruction as well as advice in properly equipping young archers.


What is Field Archery?

Field archery involves shooting at targets of varying sizes at different distances, typically in woodland, open fields, and rough terrain.

The layout of a Field Archery range is, in many ways, similar to a golf course. Targets are set up at known distances along marked trails through the fields and woods. Type and size of targets will vary depending on the distance. Each archer will shoot four arrows at each of 14 or 28 targets to complete a game. The distances can range from as close as 20 feet to as far away as 80 yards. Some courses are fairly flat where others can be challenging with uphill and downhill shots. As with golf, groups of shooters, usually two to four, simply follow the trail markers from target to target, shooting and keeping score.

There are separate divisions for men, women, and youth. Freestyle, Bowhunter, Traditional and Barebow classes separated by age categories further divide the groups, so that a six-year-old is not competing with a twelve-year-old, and a senior citizen is not competing against someone half his or her age.

New Jersey Field Archer Association Archery Club

New Jersey is the home of six archery clubs who are affiliated with both the National and the New Jersey State Field Archery Association. Four of the clubs have beautifully maintained and extremely safe outdoor ranges and hold weekly sanctioned tournaments. All of the six clubs have exceptional indoor ranges. Please go to the “Clubs” tab for more information.

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